3 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Professional Lawn Care in Waukesha, WI

It is becoming common for Waukesha residents to invest in professional lawn services. The trend is not limited to the wealthy, either. Many homeowners put a great deal of time and money into their properties and consider expert lawn care in Waukesha, WI a wise investment. They often arrange for spring and fall landscaping via sites like Bluemels. Homeowners also trust experts to correctly fertilize and dethatch lawns and to keep them manicured.

Professionals Offer Seasonal Services

Expert Lawn Care in Waukesha WI includes spring and fall cleanup services. In the spring crews clear away winter debris and leaves. They give lawns their first cuts of the growing season and ensure that all clippings are carefully bagged. Technicians also provide fall cleanup and the final cut of the season. They contour prune shrubs if necessary and cut back perennials to ensure the best growth the following spring.

Lawn Specialists Fertilize and Dehatch Grass

Professionals also control weeds, feed grass, and dethatch growth. Their weed and feed programs generally begin in April and end in October. Crews apply the correct type and amount of fertilizer to keep each type of grass healthy and to protect it during dry seasons. During the fall they fertilize lawns to encourage root growth. Like fertilization, their weed control treatments are geared for the current weather, growing conditions, and temperatures. Experts also use special machines to dethatch lawns, which removes unhealthy undergrowth.

Expert Cutting Keeps Lawns Beautiful

Full-service professional lawn care includes precise cutting designed to create lush, beautifully manicured properties. Crews generally cut grass on a weekly basis, but they monitor variables like rain and growth patterns to find the best schedule. Mowing includes line trimming around obstacles like signs, trees, and flowerbeds. Technicians also power blow sidewalks and driveways. Expert mowing is not only designed to create a stunning appearance, but it also eliminates pests, helps ensure the elimination of debris and keeps grass healthy.

Homeowners who want their grass to stay beautiful and healthy often rely on professional lawn care. Specialists offer a range of maintenance services that keep grass robust year round. They also mow lawns on regular schedules and ensure that they are always well manicured and eye-catching.

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