3 Signs It’s Time to Call for Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem. Without them, pollination would become problematic, honey would disappear, and it would indicate there is a real problem with the environment. But when a bee hive is created near a person’s home, the situation gets complicated. While bees are important, there are lots of negative effects of having them set up nearby. Here is a couple of signs that could indicate it’s time for Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh by the professionals.

Increase in Bee Stings

An occasional bee sting might take place while enjoying some time in the pool, hiking around outside, or even while eating a meal outside. These events tend to be random. However, if a family has experienced multiple bee stings all in the same area of the property, it could be a sign that a hive is nearby. Remember, pets can also be the recipients of a sting. If this continues to happen, don’t go looking for the hive. Instead, set up an appointment for Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh to turn the issue over to the pros.

Take Note of Groups of Bees

Is there always a group of bees that tend to linger at a hole in a tree? Is a group of bees always hanging out right under the edge of the roof or around a certain wall? This is a sign that somewhere near the hole of the tree, the edge of the roof, or even inside the wall, a bee hive is residing. The hive itself may not be noticeable, but bees can create a hive in small places. Hives can lead to damage and could cause issues with a home. If a group is consistently hanging out around the same place, call in the professionals.

The Hive is Visible

Sometimes, there is no doubt that a bee hive is close by because it is visible. Even if a portion of the hive is exposed, there’s is probably more of it hidden away. If the hive is visible, don’t touch it or disturb it. This can cause a lot of bees to become very frustrated and not end well for anyone. Instead, upon first seeing the hive, make the call.

Don’t try to handle a bee hive alone. If you suspect there is a hive nearby, contact The-Beeman to set up an appointment or visit the website for more information.

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