3 Simple Reasons To Consider Invisalign

by | May 26, 2016 | Dentist

The decision to get braces is a big step. Your teeth are important. They are the first part of you that everyone sees. That smile. You want to get the best option that may be right for you. Conventional metal braces have been the standard in teeth straightening. However, they are very noticeable, painful to wear and intrusive in appearance. You may have heard of the clear braces by Invisalign® and aren’t quite sure if they are the option for you. So here are three simple reasons to consider Invisalign® in Chicago.

   *   Appearance

The Invisalign® uses a clear aligner which is virtually invisible on the wearer. They fit closely to the teeth and don’t cause the mouth to protrude outward as opposed to metal braces. These are great features for those who don’t want the metal, wires and bands that the conventional braces require.

   *   Safer To Wear

Due to the smooth design of the Invisalign® aligner they do not cause potential harm to the wearer. Conventional metal braces can cut inside the wearers mouth. Not allow proper cleaning of the mouth and teeth which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. The Invisalign® can be removed to allow the wearer to continue regular dental hygiene practices.

   *   Quicker Results

With the Invisalign® aligner you can achieve that perfect straight smile much sooner. With the metal braces it can take up to five years, but with the Invisalign® it can take as little as two years. Less time worrying about dental visits for an extended period of time.

If any of these reasons appeal to you, you should visit with your dentist to find out more information. See if Invisalign of Chicago is right for you to get your beautiful, straight smile.

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