3 Things that Your Home Insurance St. Augustine Should Cover

The purchase of a new home normally comes with a few extra fees and costs, and one of those is home insurance. Many people do not take the time to thoroughly inspect their home insurance to see if it covers everything that they could possibly need. There are three things it is imperative that your home insurance should cover.

Your personal possessions should be covered.

In addition to covering the dwelling itself, your possessions should be covered as well. Normally, this is estimated at about half of the cost of the home itself, and should reflect the amount that all of your possessions are cumulatively worth. Your home insurance policy in St. Augustine area should cover anything that is lost or stolen, even if it is not in your home at the time of the loss or theft. It is important to have this because that is an event that happens very often.

Loss of use expenses should be covered.

In the unfortunate event that you are forced to temporarily move from your home for repair of damage or other unavoidable reason, this will cover your living expenses for that time. You would not be expected to find or pay for a hotel or any other incurred expense while your home is not inhabitable. A home insurance in St. Augastine plan is expected to have this in their package, but many companies get away with not including it, and the homeowner only finds out when they need to use it.

Other structures should be covered.

Any additional structures on the property that you are buying should be covered by your home insurance. Structures such as fences, tool sheds, and garages that are not attached to your home should be covered under this section. Some companies get away with not including these because they are not attached, but it is important in the case that one of these structures is damaged. Since it is on your property and you bought it with the home, it should be covered.

Home insurance is tricky, and often people overlook it when signing the papers to buy their house. It is important that you look over these papers to ensure that they cover all that you may need. Keep these three things in mind when checking your home insurance.

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