3 Things to Know About Post-Collision Car Repair in Gretna NE

Being in a collision is one of the most frightening situations a driver may face. It’s not just because of the physical damage to the vehicle; for many, the idea of dealing with the auto insurance company is equally unpleasant. Thankfully, the process can be made easier if the customer knows what to expect when dealing with the insurer. Below are several things for drivers to know about auto insurance and Car Repair in Gretna NE.

The Incident Should be Reported As Soon As Possible

It’s important to call the insurer as soon as possible after the accident. If the owner can’t make the report the same day, they must do it within seven days, no matter who’s responsible, to prevent a claim denial. Be prepared to provide essential info, such as the time and location of the event, a brief description, the nature of the damage, and the contact and insurance info of involved parties.

Know That Fault Assignment Can be Complicated

After reporting the incident, the claims adjuster will investigate to determine who’s responsible. Insurers follow fault assessment rules to expedite claims handling, and the process can be lengthy. The adjuster first weighs statements from involved parties. From there, they assess fault, explain coverage, and guide the client through the claim. In some areas, a driver may be found partially responsible for a collision.

Insurers Provide Instructions on Repairs

Most auto insurers authorize Car Repair in Gretna NE only after the adjuster finishes his or her investigation. However, an exception can be made to prevent further damage to the car. Although insurers have preferred collision repair shops, drivers aren’t obligated to use them. A quality repair center works with a variety of insurance companies, but the customer always comes first. Don’t allow the insurer to dictate the repair process; by state law, drivers can decide where the repairs will be done.

Count on the Pros

If someone is in an accident and they need quality repairs from an insurance-friendly collision repair center, they can count on B Street Collision Center for a range of repair services. Call today for more information or visit them online to schedule an appointment.

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