4 Great Reasons To Consider Roof Coating In Tucson

The roof on a person’s home is one of its most important structures. The roof is responsible for keeping water and debris out of the home. Because the roof is so important, the homeowner should do everything they can to prolong the health of the roof. One way to prolong the roof’s health is to consider Roof Coating Tucson. There are several benefits of having a coating applied to the roof.

Roof Protection

The sun’s harmful UV rays can be very damaging to the roof’s surface. Over time, the sun beating down on the roof can result in premature degrading and aging. This can greatly reduce the lifespan of the roof. A roof coating will reflect the UV rays from the roof, giving it the protection that it needs to reach its maximum lifespan.

Reduced Energy Costs

Many types of roof coatings act as a reflector for the sun. When the heat of the sun is reflected from the roof, it will stay cooler inside during the summer. If the home is cooler, the air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to keep the home comfortable. This can result in lower energy costs.

Less Need For Repairs

During heavy wind and extreme weather, the shingles on the roof can fall off. When this happens, the homeowner would need to pay a roofer to come and make the necessary repairs. Over time, the granules that protect the shingles from cracking in the sun can wear off. When this happens, the roof will need to be repaired or replaced. If the homeowner has their roof coated, it will hold the shingles on better, and the granules won’t wear off as easily. This will prevent the homeowner from needed to pay for roof repairs.

Reasonable Cost

The cost to have a roof coated is relatively reasonable. On average, it would cost about $750 to coat a 1,500 square foot roof. Since a roof coating will reduce the homeowner’s energy costs and it can eliminate the need for repair, over time, the roof coating will pay for itself.

A new roof can be very expensive. If a homeowner wants to protect their investment, save on energy costs, and reduce the need for repair, they should consider Roof Coating in Tucson.

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