4 Myths About Cheap Auto Insurance in Tulsa OK

Whether a customer is more concerned about finding Cheap Auto Insurance in Tulsa OK or finding out what type of coverage they need, there are many myths and misconceptions about auto insurance. It can be difficult for first-time customers to distinguish fiction from fact. Readers can click here to find more of the most common insurance misconceptions to avoid.

Car Color Drives Up Premiums

Almost every driver has heard the urban legend that auto insurers charge more to insure red and other brightly-colored vehicles because they’re more frequently pulled over by police. This myth is one of the industry’s most prevalent, but it’s completely erroneous. Insurers consider other factors when setting coverage rates, such as the age of the driver, the age of the vehicle, its repair cost and the driver’s safety record. In some circumstances, insurers also consider an applicant’s credit score-;but no insurer makes vehicle color a primary consideration.

Older Cars Don’t Need Theft Coverage

Many people think that car thieves only want the hottest, newest vehicles on the road. However, any vehicle could become a thief’s target in the right situation. Older vehicles are often stolen, and in many cases, thieves target them specifically for their reliability and the money they can make stripping their parts. If an older vehicle is stolen and the driver didn’t have comprehensive coverage, they may be liable for all costs. That’s just one situation where Cheap Auto Insurance in Tulsa OK could be costly.

If a Friend is Driving During a Wreck, Their Insurance Will Pay the Bill

Another myth that frequently makes the rounds is that another driver’s insurance policy covers them if they are in an accident while driving someone else’s vehicle. Insurance policies follow the vehicle, not its driver; before lending a vehicle to someone, consider their level of responsibility. With that said, however, if an accident exceeds a policy’s coverage limits, the driver’s insurer could be held liable for the excess.

It’s OK to Use a Personal Vehicle on Business Errands

Of the many car insurance-related myths out there, this one could be the most costly to almost everyone. Those who use their personal vehicle for work purposes should know that in the event of an accident, the insurer isn’t obligated to accept the claim. To be adequately covered when using a personal vehicle on business, a separate business insurance policy is required.

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