4 Reasons Deck Staining is Better than Paint

Exposed to the elements, unprotected wood could warp or show signs of wear and tear a whole lot sooner. Don’t want to see that old deck go? If you have a historical home and you want to preserve as much of the original house as you can, then paint simply won’t do. Here’s why deck staining can make for the ideal solution:

You want to preserve the deck

Hiring a deck staining service in Kansas City lets you keep the wood’s color and grain. It also retains the pattern and texture of the wood, all of which allow you to save and preserve the deck in your home—especially if it’s been with your family for ages—than simply painting over all that, says the Popular Mechanics.

You want to prevent mold problems

Another handy benefit to staining your deck is that you get to protect the wood against mold and rot. Daily exposure to high levels of humidity and moisture can take a toll on your deck. With deck staining service in Kansas City, you won’t have to worry about mold compromising the wood or rot setting in any time soon.

You’ll need darker stains

The lighter and clearer the stain, the less protection your deck has against UV rays. If you want longer lasting protection for your wood, it might be prudent to go with darker stains. That way, you can hold off the inevitable wear and tear for as long as possible.

You want it easier

Paint jobs take a ton of prep work and time. Stains, on the other hand, are much easier to manage as well as a whole lot faster to apply. If you’re under a tight timetable and want to get this done as soon as possible, then you’ll be better off having your decks stained than painted over.

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