4 Reasons to Getting Professional Teeth Whitening

If you were to trust everything you hear and see about tooth whitening, you might come to believe it is a DIY project. The simple truth is that the best and most long-lasting results come only from professional teeth whitening done by a dentist. There are four reasons for this:

* Only professional teeth whitening uses compounds strong enough to break down the worst stains

* It is only from your dentist that you can get treatments that can be done in a single office visit. In fact, professional teeth whitening can brighten the teeth by several shades in a single visit

* Expert dentists offering teeth whitening can guarantee you that the processes and compounds used are safe for you specifically. After all, they know your teeth and gums and understand if you might deal with sensitivity or have other issues

* Over the long run, expert whitening is far more cost-effective than the DIY and pharmacy purchased products that need to be used repeatedly and often in an ongoing, non-stop manner

Those four reasons make a lot of sense, but there is, even more, to know about professional teeth whitening versus anything you might do yourself. For example, dental staining can occur for many reasons, and you may not even realize that your habits are causing persistent staining. Your dentist is the ideal person to do a full exam and explain to you why your teeth might be discolored. Perhaps you drink a lot of coffee or tea, or maybe you smoke. It might also be certain medications or other issues. The dentist can help you with this and then treat even some of the deepest stains with in-office treatment.

Yet, there is a huge benefit that most overlook when they consider the reasons to get professional whitening. What is it? Simply put – the dentist is also going to help you get the teeth and gums into the best conditions possible. After all, if you have gingivitis or gum disease or a few cavities that must be treated, your dentist can ensure your teeth are as healthy and strong as they look. You may even add some whitening to your twice annual cleanings and have a picture perfect smile year round!

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