4 Tips to Installing Hand Dryers Right

The importance of proper hand-washing and drying facilities cannot be overstated enough. While most people still rely on paper towels, these aren’t the greenest way to dry your hands. It’s also not the most cost-efficient one out there. Production costs alone make paper towels an ineffective solution in the long-term.

Given these conditions, it’s not a surprise that more and more people are looking at installing hand dryers instead. If you’re doing the same thing, here are a few installation tips that should come in handy for you:

Follow ADA rules on installation height

Hand dryers cannot simply be installed without checking if the installation height complies with the guidelines of the American with Disabilities Act, The Balance says. Not all dryer designs have sensors, making it hard for blind people to find them. That’s why regulations say dryers must not protrude for more than 4 inches from the wall to prevent disabled persons from hitting the dryer and being injured in the process.

Pick the right spot

So when it comes to hand dryer installation, you’ll need to make sure your dryers are accessible and just in the right spot before securing them in place. You wouldn’t want those dryers to get in the way of the exit and the flow of people in your bathroom space. So designate a good spot.

Keep close to the power source

Make sure you install your dryers right where the electrical power source is. Remember not to block your entrance or compromise the space that your customers will have a hard time moving around.

Get the spacing right

Multiple hand dryer installation must be carried out with the right spacing in between each unit. Don’t forget to consult the manual before you proceed with anything. If you’re in doubt, call professional installers to get the job done for you.

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