4 Ways to Avoid Siding Repair Problems in Johns Creek

In Johns Creek, your home’s exterior says a lot about you and your family. For example, damaged, faded, or ugly siding says, “someone is not taking care of me.” On the other hand, beautiful and flawless siding says, “this home is well cared for and in good shape.” If you want to keep your house looking nice and avoid siding repair issues in the future, these 4 tips are here to help.

1. Don’t Pressure Wash

The best way to wash your home’s exterior is with soap, water, and a soft bristled brush or push broom. Scrub and then rinse with a garden hose. Pressure washing can damage siding and force water underneath the lap boards. Fiber cement siding manufacturers don’t recommend pressure washing. In fact, it could void your warranty.

2. Trim All Vegetation Away from the House

Make sure to keep trees, shrubs, and vines away from your house exterior. When living plants come into contact with siding, they can peel paint and work their way underneath the boards. Some types of vines in Georgia can work their way into your siding boards and get underneath the insulation. Keeping everything trimmed away is good for home security and limiting siding repair issues in Johns Creek.

3. Keep Your Gutters Clean

In the spring, make sure to clean out all your gutters. When gutters clog they overflow during times of heavy rains. The water can back up and damage roofing and run down the sides of the house, causing damage to your siding.

4. Talk to Siding Repair Professionals in Johns Creek

When your siding has problems, and needs repairs, contact a trusted contractor in your area. Experienced contractors give you expert repairs, and if you need new siding, they install high-quality materials with excellent warranties.

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