5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

It can be challenging to build a new home, and there’s a ton of advice online. Town & Country Builders Inc in Spokane Valley WA has seen both the high and low points of home construction, and they know what to avoid. Click Here for several mistakes for buyers to avoid when building a new home.

Poor Budgeting

Giving an estimate is tempting, especially when it takes so much time to set a budget. Buyers should know precisely what the budget allows to make the most of their money, set limits for the builder and minimize the stress of building a home. It pays to take the time to get exact numbers, and the best builders will stay within the buyer’s budget.

Cutting Corners

While there is nothing bad about being frugal, buying cheap materials can cost more in the long term. Builders should not cut corners on fundamental components such as bricks and windows, and quality workmanship can leave the buyer with less worry and a higher property value.

Buying the Wrong HVAC System

A home’s HVAC system is a critical part, and the buyer should be sure to choose one that properly cools and heats the home. Oftentimes, new builders will select units that are too small, and the homeowner will have a hard time keeping the place cool or warm. It is important to find a builder who can recommend the right size unit for the home’s layout and square footage.

Forgetting About Lighting

Light can greatly improve a family’s well-being during a tough, dark winter. Homeowners should make lighting a top priority when building a home, and the builder should place light fixtures relative to natural lighting sources such as windows.

Disregarding Room Placement

This step may be obvious to some, but for others, it is tempting to strictly follow a floor plan rather than devote much thought to room placement. Bedrooms should be situated far away from noisy areas, and the kitchen should be as close as possible to an entry point. Consider foot traffic, and decide which rooms should be placed off the main path. A buyer only gets one chance to choose the home’s layout, and Town & Country Builders Inc in Spokane Valley WA will customize it to the family’s needs.

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