5 Reasons to Landscape With Gravel in San Marcos, TX

Most people never think of having rocks in the garden, but rocks and gravel in San Marcos, TX are an increasingly popular, sustainable gardening material that adds textural interest to any landscape design. Customers shouldn’t limit themselves to using gravel in the driveway, as it’s versatile enough to be used in a variety of decorative and practical applications. Below, homeowners can learn several big reasons to include gravel in a new landscape.

Better Drainage

Gravel offers natural drainage among plants and along walkways. Where standing water is an issue, gravel can be used to eliminate puddles and form a dry path. It can also be used to anchor the soil in sloped areas. For severe drainage issues, a gravel-filled French drain can be used to divert water flow to another part of the property.

Low Maintenance

If the homeowner is looking to more effectively manage his or her time, they can start by reducing the amount of time spent on lawn mowing and watering. Eliminate the hassle by replacing as much grass as possible with gravel, which can turn a hard-to-cultivate area into a usable, appealing space that’s suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.


Unlike mulch, which needs frequent replacement, gravel can last for years. The owner may need to occasionally blow away leaves or pull weeds, but minor touchups are usually all that’s needed to keep gravel in San Marcos, TX looking great.

Easy Use

Gravel is available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes for use in any landscaping project. Most gravel is medium to light weight, making it easily hand-workable. Users can easily spread it among shrubs and plants or form a walkway or patio. While gravel can be tidied with a rake, crushed varieties have irregularities that keep it in place.


Gravel is an eco-friendly landscaping material with no harmful chemicals added, which makes it a great alternative to mulch around plants. It can be hard to weed if overgrowth occurs, but weeds can be limited with a preliminary application of landscaping fabric. Use larger aggregates from LoftinMaterials.com like river rock for edging and visual interest.

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