5 Tips for Getting an Injured Pet to the Kamloops Animal Hospital

As your Kamloops animal hospital for emergency vet services, we know that handling your injured pet can be scary for both of you. Your pet is pain, and you may get hurt in the process of trying to move them. So here are some quick tips for ensuring that your pet doesn’t feel any more pain than necessary and that you can get them to the vet without hurting yourself as well.

  • Use a muzzle, or use a leash to create a temporary muzzle, for a dog. Even the most docile, loving, well-trained dog may snap if they are in extreme pain. This isn’t just for your safety, but also for the safety of the vet and the vet techs who will help you when you arrive at the animal hospital. The only exception is if your pet is vomiting – don’t muzzle a vomiting pet!
  • Call us first before you head our way. We can be prepared to help you get the pet indoors the moment you arrive and can have all the necessary space cleared so that it’s easy to get your pet examined right away. We can also help you with some tips on moving your pet into your car over the phone, once we have an idea of where or how they may be injured.
  • Always try to keep the injured part of your pet stable. If they have hurt their leg, for example, try use ace bandage or something similar to stabilize it. This may help prevent your pet from injuring themselves further.
  • Use a pet carrier, crate, kennel, or any sort of confined area that you can when transporting your pet. This keeps them still, so they don’t get injured more. If your dog is very large, try lifting them into the vehicle using a blanket as a stretcher, and have someone ride with the dog so that they can keep them still.
  • Bring your pet’s medical records and medications with you to the Kamloops animal hospital. These documents make it easy for the vet to reference exactly what your pet needs or can’t have at the moment. This is even more important if the animal hospital isn’t your dog’s usual vet.

At Twin Rivers Vet, we are always available to help you with emergency pet care. Contact us to learn more.

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