5 Tips on How to Talk to Your Stylist for Better Cut and Style

No one likes a bad haircut. To make sure you don’t end up looking like Hagrid with your hair all loose and unkempt, here’s how to get your hair stylist in Houston TX to give you the look you want:

Know what you want

Do your homework. Know what works with your skin tone and the shape of your face. Got a square jawline? Go for hairstyles that soften those angles. Have a round face? Try out styles that could balance those curves out. Once you know what works for you, you’re going to have an easier conversation with your stylist.

Explain as much as possible

Don’t just say “I want a trim” and leave it at that. There’s nothing that frustrates stylists more than customers who ask for a trim and then expect something else. If you want results, take the time to explain and talk about the cut you want. That’s going to help your stylist get a better sense of the kind of hair style you’re asking for, says Brit+Co.

Talk about your hair problems

Have a problem with split ends, dry hair or suffer from too many coloring sessions? Let your stylist know before s/he starts. If you plan on having your hair colored again, it’s best that your stylist know since any of these information could easily change how a cut or the color of your hair might turn out.

Ask questions

In case you’ve got issues or concerns or there’s something you need to clarify, don’t hesitate to ask your hair stylist in Houston TX. Clearing things up will help ensure that you don’t end up with a haircut you hate.

Try other styles

Don’t be afraid to have fun. A good stylist will know what will look good on you. Ask yours for tips and suggestions. You might end up loving them.

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