6 Things You Should Know About Tree Removal in Arlington

Tree removal in Arlington seems simple, but the reality is that it is not. It is a potentially costly and dangerous undertaking that should be left to the tree removal experts. If you are considering doing your own tree removal, here is a list of a few things that you should bear in mind.


Arlington has specific bylaws that affect the removal of trees, including those on private property. Under the Massachusetts state law, it is crucial that homeowners ascertain ownership of the tree before cutting one down. Removing another’s tree makes you liable for three times the amount of the said tree.

Underground Hazards

If removing your tree will include removing the root structure and stump, you have to check for any buried cables, gas and/or sewer lines that are likely to be damaged by your action.

Proximity to Your House

In a few instances, you might be looking at removing a tree that is too close to your home. You need to take extra care in order to remove overhang branches and avoid incurring serious and expensive damage to your building. Even branches that appear small can cause extensive damage since they are heavier than they actually look.

When Your Tree Overhangs the Neighbor’s Property

For a tree whose trunk is on your property while the other parts mostly or partly overhang your neighbor’s property, refer to the local bylaws again for such a situation. The best thing to do is have a talk with your neighbor and come to some kind of understanding about the removal of the tree.

Insurance Coverage

Ensure that your insurance does cover any type of damage or personal injury that is likely to occur to those around you due to your efforts to remove the tree.

Disposing Cut Trees

Many homeowners underestimate the size of material that is generated by a tree removal exercise. A mature tree removed can leave behind tons of debris, branches and wood that cannot be picked by the municipal garbage pickup (maximum weight is 50 lbs a bundle in Arlington). Most professional tree removal firms will come in with their own on-site shredder that helps in reducing the disposal costs.

Since tree removal in Arlington is a dangerous job, you should consider hiring the professionals at Cambridge Landscape and you do not have to worry about permits, underground hazards or disposal of the wood.


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