6 Tips on How to Find a LASIK Doctor You Can Trust

Receiving treatment from an excellent and reputable LASIK doctor is key to your surgery’s success. Here are a few tips on how to find one:

Ask around

If you already know someone in your network who’s had refractive surgery or LASIK treatment, call them up and mine them for details. You could end up with useful referrals and leads, which could save you a ton of time and effort in the process.

Do your homework

Research online and offline. With plenty of doctors advertising their services on the net, finding the best ones out there should be easy.

Make a list

Keep your search organized. Put together a list of prospective doctors with the right credentials and qualifications. Once you have a decent list, start filtering your way through those names.

Look beyond cost

You’ll want to consider treatment and patient care quality, not just the cost of the procedure. Reputable healthcare facilities and doctors might charge more but you’re reassured of getting the best results.

Book an appointment

Once you have a shortlist of doctors, book an appointment with each one. While credentials are all well and good, rapport also matters. Out of all the doctors you’ve met, which one are you most comfortable with? Which one makes it easy to ask questions or explain the process in a way that doesn’t belittle your understanding or patronize you? Factor those in before you choose a LASIK doctor.

Talk about your expectations

Before you go ahead with the procedure, take the time to discuss your expectations with your doctor to know if they’re well on track or not, says the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Do you have any concerns? This is a good time to talk about them as well. A good surgeon will be happy to provide you with the answers you need to decide whether to go for the treatment or not.

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