A Checklist For Pre-Planning In Forest Hill

In Maryland, funeral homes give local residents a chance to plan out their final services. The planning process stops family members from facing any responsibilities related to the funeral services. During difficult times, families need time to mourn without the additional stress. A local funeral home provides a checklist for Pre-planning in Forest Hill.

Provide Details for the Obituary

Prior arrangements let the individual choose the text for their own obituary. The individual chooses what details about their lives they want to present to the public. Any sentiments the individual wants to include are added to the announcement.

Choose a Funeral Director

The individual chooses their preferred funeral director based on preferences. The directors at a local funeral home ensure that all requests are managed properly. They guide the family through the entire process based on the individual’s specifications. The directors coordinate with minister or clergy that the individual wants to lead prayers and read scriptures.

Do You Want to Burial or Cremation?

Burial requires the funeral home to prepare the body through embalming. The individual provides clothing for their funeral or leaves their request with their family. The funeral home coordinates with the cemetery manager for the graveside services.
Cremation involves the delivery of the body to the funeral home where it is managed immediately. Unless the individual requests a viewing, the body isn’t embalmed.

Choosing Caskets and Grave Markers for Burial

Burial service requires the individual to choose a casket. The cemetery requires the individual to choose a grave marker for their grave, too. The casket is sold through the funeral home. Grave markers are available through the cemetery manager or a private supplier.

Wakes and Memorial Services

A wake or memorial service is held for individuals who choose cremation. The services are held at the funeral home or any location of their choosing.
In Maryland, funeral homes accommodate the final wishes of local residents. Preplanning opportunities help residents take the stress of planning a funeral off their family’s shoulders. Individuals who want to review options for Pre-planning in Forest Hill contact Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services or visit the website for more details today.

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