A Few Residential Landscaping Ideas in Long Island, NY

There are many benefits to living in Long Island, one of which is the relatively mild climate. Although Long Island is plant hardiness zone 7, microclimates allow many people to include favorite plants in their landscape designs which might not normally be used. Whether one has a home near the shore or lives farther inland, there is no shortage of great Residential Landscaping Ideas in Long Island NY.

Eat With Your Eyes

Everyone loves the first fresh strawberries, a just-picked tomato or bell peppers in the colors of the rainbow. Long Island gardeners have been growing and picking a wide assortment of veggies and fruits for many years. There’s no reason to relegate the vegetable garden to the farthest corner of the back yard. Instead, it can become a focal point of the landscape.

Building raised beds simplifies gardening, especially for anyone who would rather not garden on their hands and knees. Have the beds built to the most comfortable height using landscape timbers, stone walls, cement blocks or another natural material. Fill the bed with top quality soil and compost and add an irrigation system for easy watering. A timer will keep the garden watered whether anyone is home or not.

Add a Herb Garden

In times past, almost every home had a herb garden. Larger homes or estates would incorporate planting areas, walkways, benches and perhaps a focal sundial or fountain. There is no reason to restrict the planting areas to herbs. Include flowers, rose beds, fruit trees, and vegetables. Walkways paved in the same surface as the patio will unify the whole while the different colors, textures, and fragrances of the plantings add interest for both the family and guests. If there is a wall at the rear of the property, consider a row of small fruit trees as was once a common feature in monasteries and royal estates.
Easy Maintenance

Today, much of the tedious work can be eliminated by careful planning. Mulching, irrigation and a springtime addition of compost to the beds will result in plants that look gorgeous and taste even better.
AC Landscaping Ltd. has been the go-to company for construction, design and maintenance for Long Island residents since 1996. Anthony, the owner, is an experienced horticulturist and would love to discuss Residential Landscaping Ideas in Long Island NY with you. Whether you are interested in lawn maintenance, landscaping, masonry work or something else entirely, visit .

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