A few things you should know about a flat roof

A flat roof is an excellent choice for homes for a number of reasons but there is more need for roof maintenance than with other styles of pitched roofs. A pitched roof uses a combination of a waterproof surface such as shingles along with gravity to keep rain water moving and not entering the house. Any water that pools and sits on the surface of a roof for any length of time can quickly become the source of a leak.

Any roof that is flat or even a roof which has a slight pitch does not have gravity to assist is moving the water from the surface. With a flat roof the materials that are selected have to be such that they act as a moisture barrier and other solutions have to be found to eliminate the water rather than let it stand.

One of the best and the most common ways of keeping the interior of the home dry is to use a rubber membrane roof. This type of roof uses a single ply of synthetic material; this material is fastened to the roof deck using adhesive. The membrane material can be purchased in wide widths which mean that other than for expansive roofs the membrane can cover the roof completely, eliminating seams which are the common source of problems resulting in excessive roof maintenance.

Another method which is employed to remove standing water from the flat roof is a siphon. Homes that do employ a siphon usually have it set on an automatic timer, the motor for the siphon will be energized a couple of times every day. If there is water on the roof the siphon will continue to eliminate it from the surface of the roof even though the motor on the siphon is no longer energized. The best way to eliminate excessive roof maintenance and leaks is to eliminate any standing water as quickly as possible.

With what seems to be a need for excessive roof maintenance one must wonder if a flat roof is something worth having. In climates where there is snow and ice the answer is a resounding no as moisture will enter the house; however in warm climates they are a good choice. A flat roof allows for higher ceilings which tend to keep the interior cooler, they can also be used as a deck or roof garden.

Regardless of the type of roof you have on your home, periodic roof maintenance is an ideal way to ensure that it will remain trouble free and leak free. You are invited to contact StormForce of Jacksonville to discuss how regular maintenance will ensure the integrity of your roof.

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