A Maui Writer, Sonographer, And Prophetic Dreamer

With over 30 years of experience in the field of radiology, Jane A. Foley combines her knowledge of ultrasound technology and her insight into the meaning of dreams to help women understand and anticipate their developing child. A resident of Hawaii, Foley is also a Maui Writer who has contributed work to two successful books, including Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions. Her professional expertise includes sonography, dream interpretation, writing, and speaking.

As an ultrasound technician, Foley gives parents-to-be their first view of their unborn child. She also helps expectant parents understand how the date of conception is determined by medical professionals, since they use a system that opposes conventional wisdom. Patients often don’t realize that doctors date conception from the beginning of the menstrual cycle rather than the beginning of ovulation, which typically occurs two weeks later. Foley educates her patients to help them avoid misunderstandings about their conception date.

As a dream expert, Foley helps expectant mothers interpret dreams of their unborn children. She feels that dreams are another tool for visualizing the outcome of a pregnancy and getting to know the future child. On her website, she tells the story of one mother who dreamed of twins but only gave birth to a single child. Foley interpreted the dream as indicating that at one time, there had twins in the womb, but one twin did not develop. In her writings on dream interpretation, she explains that the pieces of a dream may not occur in the same order as in reality; however, a connection between a dream and a future reality can often be made.

As a Maui Writer, Foley has contributed to two books. In addition to writing a story for Chicken Soup for the Soul, she also served as a contributing editor to Midlife Clarity, a collection of writing by women who share insights on midlife issues, such as self-discovery, men, and struggle. As a writer and speaker, she seeks to educate others about the value of dream interpretation during pregnancy.

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