A Roofer in Oklahoma City OK Can Provide You With An Annual Roof Inspection

Every home owner should get their home’s roof inspected once a year so that they can be alerted to any potential problems that may be developing that the home owner can’t see standing on the ground and looking at their roof. A Roofer in Oklahoma City OK will climb up on the roof and inspect everything with an expert’s eye and can inform the owner if there are any areas around vent pipes that look cracked, this could allow water to get under the roofing shingles and start causing damage to the rafters that support the roof. They will check for any loose or missing shingles and will inspect all of the roof flashing and gutters to make sure they are still working the way they are supposed to, to protect your roof and walls.

A Roofer in Oklahoma City OK can give the home owner a certificate that guarantees the roof is sound. If any problems arise the Kneal Roofing Companies will make repairs at no charge for as long as the certificate is in effect, usually one year. If any problems are found during an inspection, a detailed report of the found damage and the cost to make repairs. The home owner then can either let the inspecting company make repairs or they can call another roofing company to make repairs based on the damage report.

A home’s roof provides protection from the elements and the hot sun. It also provides protection to the walls of the home. This protection is something some homeowners just take for granite until an obvious problem shows up, problems like seeing that shingles have come loose or blown off after a storm that has heavy rain and strong winds. Another obvious indication would be seeing wet spots on the ceiling of one or more rooms that indicate a roof leak. Not only will an annual roof inspection find leaks and loose or missing shingles, they will also find shingles that have been weakened during a hail storm or heat bubbles in roof shingles that can break open and let water seep under the shingles through the underlying roof matting and right onto rafters. Keep your family well protected by getting an annual roof inspection.

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