A Scrap Yard in Rochester MN: Benefits of Recycling

There have been rising concerns about the amount of non-biodegradable wastes that are produced and dumped all over annually. The problem that these wastes create is that they pollute the environment and if the trend continues, the environment as we know it will cease being able to sustain human life. One of the major sources of environmental pollution is scrap metal. Waste metal comes from all manner of sources ranging from the small soda cans, electronics and appliances with metallic components and old cars. If metal is left lying around, it will take hundreds of years to decompose. This means that it is better to send all the metallic wastes to a scrap yard in Rochester MN and have it recycled. Here are the major benefits of recycling.

Environmental sustainability

To convert fresh ore into metal, three things needed are coal, the ore and manpower. The amount of coal that is needed to convert ore into metal is much more than what is needed to recycle an old scrap of metal and remold it into something more useful. This means that less coal will be mined to maintain the mining process and that less ore will be mined to meet the needs of the industry. Recycling therefore conserved the ore reserves that Mother Nature has making it more sustainable.

Reduction in production of greenhouse gases

As mentioned, the process of turning ore into metal needs a lot of coal. The burning of coal inevitably leads to the emission of greenhouse gases. These gases continue depleting the ozone layer ad as a result, the plant and human life is exposed to harsh sunshine including UV. Recycling scrap metal is one therefore one thing that can reduce the trend of global warming being experienced.

Eliminating environmental hazards

Most cars, especially older models used to be coated with lead-based paints. When the car is abandoned, this paint starts peeling off and getting leached into the soil. If the lead compounds reach underground water, the lead poisoning cycle begins, creating a bio-hazard. Simple recycling by sending old cars and other metal to a scrap yard in Rochester MN prevents these scenes from happening.

These are a few of the reasons you should always think about recycling before dumping metal carelessly.

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