A Simple Guide to Buying Chairlifts in Portsmouth

Old age, accidents and disabilities can have a big impact on daily life, from walking upstairs for a shower, to walking downstairs to answer the door. When simple tasks like this become difficult, it’s important to consider your options. A popular investment for people who want to regain freedom and experience better mobility when at home are chairlifts in Portsmouth.

These devices are motor-driven and have been around for many years. Run by electric, they can be operated with one of two drive types – Cable, or Rack and Pinion. New, reconditioned, straight, curved – whatever type of chairlifts in Portsmouth you opt for, take a look at the following buying tips beforehand.

Control Types
Chairlifts in Portsmouth are designed to give the user a sense of freedom, which is why they are designed with a wide range of control options. This means that you can find a stair lift to suit your needs and preferences. Most are fitted with a standard joystick. Elongated and simplistic in design, these joysticks can operate with light pressure. An alternative option is a rocker switch, which activates when pressure is put on either side of the switch. Arm controls can be used without hand or wrist movement, as can ergonomic joysticks, making them ideal for people who suffer with arthritis.

Weight Considerations
Aside from the dimensions of the staircase, the person buying chairlifts in Portsmouth must think about their weight. The standard weight limit is 200 kg, but this differs based on the brand, and whether or not it is a straight or curved stairlift. Special screws are needed to fit the track to the stairs, therefore too much weight may cause the bolts to loosen. The heavier the rider, the shorter the distance the stair lift can travel, which is why it is important to be very specific when consulting with a manufacturer about their products.

Warranty Options
It’s not likely that you will break chairlifts in Portsmouth by coming into contact with obstructions, because these devices are fitted with sensors, which detect anything that lies in its path. However, mechanical problems are sometimes inevitable, proving warranty to be worthwhile. New and reconditioned chairlifts normally come with 12-24 month warranty, and the cost of rented stair lift repairs will be covered by the monthly rental price.

Whether you have curved or straight stairs inside your home, the range of chairlifts in Portsmouth from Bentley Mobility will help you through the day. Visit Bentleymobility.co.uk for buying options.

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