A Stairclimber In Pittsburgh PA Can Help A Person With Mobility Issues

A Stairclimber in Pittsburgh PA can help a person get up and down a home’s stairs. Some people don’t want to admit that they need stair lifts. When people have mobility issues, they might deny that they do because they don’t want people to think they can’t live independently. What they need to realize is that using stair lifts can help people maintain independent lifestyles. People can have lifts in different areas of their homes. Some people use lifts to get to the second floors while others use lifts to access laundry rooms in their basements.

When a person is shopping around for a Stairclimber in Pittsburgh PA, it’s important to understand there are two basic kinds of lifts. Straight lifts are used for homes that have stairs that go up and down in straight lines. These types of lifts work with stairs that don’t have any landings. Curved lifts are used to navigate corners, curves, and landings. Since curved lifts offer more functionality, they are more expensive. In some cases, curved lifts can cost triple what straight stair lifts cost. Shoppers who are confused as to which type of lift they should buy can contact McArdle Surgical or a similar company to get help with purchasing lifts.

There’s more to know about lifts. They can be made to fit individuals of just about any size, so larger people can use heavy-duty lifts to get up and down stairs. A taller person can have a lift’s seat adjusted while it is being installed so that it is easier to sit in. There are also lifts that are made to withstand the elements. Such lifts can be used outdoors to help homeowners get around their properties. Some medical conditions make it extremely hard for people to bend their knees, so lift manufacturers also make lifts that can be used by people while standing.

Since lifts can be expensive, shoppers often wonder if they can really afford them. Some states offer financial assistance to people who meet certain conditions. Veterans are also eligible for financial help to get lifts. People can also try credit unions to get personal loans for lifts.

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