A Tooth Crown In Cincinnati OH Can Be Used On A Dental Implant Or To Restore A Tooth

A tooth that has several fillings might not be able to receive another filling because of the stability of the remain portion of the tooth. In these types of situations, a Tooth Crown in Cincinnati OH can fix the tooth and make it look like new. Crowns are made to be the same size and shape as the previous tooth and will be the same color as the other teeth.

Finishing Touch Of A Dental Implant

A dental implant is a permanent solution for a missing tooth. A Tooth Crown in Cincinnati OH is the finishing touch of a dental implant. A crown will be attached to the titanium post as part of the dental implant process.

What Are Crowns Made Of

Most crowns are made of porcelain and are incredibly durable. A crown does not have to be removed for cleaning or flossing. The porcelain crown could be made in a dental office or by an experienced dental laboratory.


Crowns are part of the dental restoration process. In addition to crowns, veneers, and bridges are included. When a dentist designs a bridge for a patient, the teeth that are used are similar to a crown.

Mini Dental Implants

Regular dental implants require invasive surgery, including an incision of the gum and a tiny hole in the jaw bone. Mini implants are less invasive and only require one visit to a dentist. A crown will be used to fill a gap where a tooth was previously located.

Does An Individual Have to Wait to Eat Or Floss When A Crown Has Been Installed?

A patient can immediately begin using a new dental implant. The gums surrounding a crown could be sensitive for a few hours, but the patient can still eat or drink.

A tooth crown can restore your tooth to its original condition and look completely natural. You can smile, eat, and speak with confidence as soon as it’s complete. An experienced dentist who installs the crown can also develop a plan to improve your smile and self-confidence.

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