A Variety of Countertops in El Paso TX

Countertops in El Paso TX are available in a variety of materials. Selecting the right type of countertop, based on the needs and preference of the user, can make a big difference in the effectiveness of the space. A work counter in the basement or garage, for example, will last longer with a stainless steel or sealed wood top. They will not dent or chip quickly, and are strong enough to hold heavy tools, parts, and projects. A laundry room counter should probably have a top of the laminated vinyl, or linoleum because it is waterproof, will not rust or rot, and is the smooth surface on which to fold and iron clothes.

The most desirable type of Countertops in El Paso TX for the kitchen and bathroom is granite. It is durable, beautiful, does not hold bacteria, is heat and scratch resistant, and cleans up well. It too, has to be sealed properly, and re-sealed annually, but requires very little maintenance past that. Granite countertops also increase the value of the entire home. There are three types of granite counter-tops. The most cost-effective is tiled granite. It provides a bit more flexibility in terms of designs and styles because different tiles are grouted together to construct the top. It can be a bit more difficult to clean due to the grout, but it is durable and beautiful.

Modular, or “pre-fabricated”, granite countertops are the most common type. They are available in many colors, textures, patterns, and swirls, and come in a wide selection of standard sizes. These are the kind of counter-tops that are found in home improvement stores. They can be installed by homeowners, and are affordable. Customers can Contact The Window Depot for discounted pricing on modular granite counter-tops.

The last, and most expensive, type of granite top is the custom countertop. It is made to order and specifically cut to the specifications of a counter. It will fit perfectly, and has to be professionally installed. This is also referred to as the slab granite counter-top. These can be specially ordered for bar tops, peninsulas, and larger counters. All granite countertops will maintain their shine and polished look for many years into the future.

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