A Variety of Ingredients and Flavours Characterizes Indian Food in Washington DC

As people try to find ways to eat healthier meals without giving up the flavor, they may experiment with different kinds of ethnic cuisines. If they’re not well-acquainted with Indian cuisine, looking over the unfamiliar ingredients in a cookbook can make the prospect of cooking these meals feel a bit daunting. They might want to spend some time eating at restaurants featuring Indian Food in Washington DC to help them get more comfortable with the idea of making some of the dishes at home.

New Flavours

As these men and women begin to explore menus featuring Indian Food in Washington DC, they will probably try different spices and spice combinations they’ve never sampled before. They might never have eaten curry, which is prevalent in this cuisine. They might not have ever tried cilantro or coriander and discover they enjoy these additions to the food.

A Wide Appeal

One of the advantages of food at a restaurant like Heritage India is the wide appeal for meat eaters, pescetarians, vegetarians, and even vegans. All of them can find plenty to order on the menu.

Characteristics of the Cuisine

The cuisine of India is characterized to a certain extent by shrimp and prawns, salmon and other fish, as well as lamb and chicken. This is understandable since beef and pork are relatively uncommon foods in the country. Most people of the Hindu faith do not eat beef, and somewhere around 30 percent of Hinduism followers are vegetarians. Muslims are not supposed to eat pork. Beef is illegal in some Indian states for religious reasons. Also, India has an enormous coastline, allowing residents to easily obtain plenty of seafood.

Sauces and Bread

Chickpeas, cauliflower, eggplant, and other ingredients may be served in savory yogurt or sesame sauces, which can provide an alternative to curry for customers who want a change of pace or aren’t thrilled with that particular flavor blend. Naan, the classic Indian flatbread, can be used to soak up different sauces or to scoop ingredients onto for an open-faced sandwich. Restaurant patrons soon discover which menu items they like best while continuing to experiment with other options.

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