AC Condensers in Indiana- Signs You Need a New Condenser

Almost every car today is fitted with an air conditioning unit. When you roll up the windows, you can turn on the air conditioning unit to maintain the temperature inside the cabin if the car is properly sealed and insulated. Maintaining the quality of air in the car is essential for a comfortable drive. There are several distinct components which comprise the air conditioning unit in your car, regardless of the make and model. The blower motor is the component that blows air directly through the vents, while the condenser and cooling coils are used to cool the air before it hits the cabin. AC condensers in Indiana are available from many private workshops. If there’s an issue with your condenser, you should seriously consider getting it replaced. But how do you know when your condenser needs to be replaced?

The Air Doesn’t Cool

One of the most common signs that AC condensers aren’t working properly is when the conditioning unit doesn’t cool the air before it hits the cabin. There is a host of reasons for this, such as low refrigerant levels or even a pipeline leakage. However, if the condenser isn’t functioning properly, the conditioning unit will stop working altogether.

Strange Noises from the Condenser

AC condensers are installed in the engine bay. If you hear strange noises every time you turn on the air conditioner, it’s very likely that the sound is coming from the condenser itself. The fan belt installed within the condenser tends to break after a while, which might be an issue. The mechanic will properly inspect and check the condenser for idle valves or inactive pressure switches. Holes or broken parts can also cause serious damage to the condenser, rendering it useless. If there are too many issues, it might be a wise move to get the condenser replaced altogether, rather than paying for pricey, individual parts.

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