Addiction Therapy and Mental Health Care in Florida

A multiple resource center for outpatient addiction therapy, mental health services, and residence recovery programs provides customized treatment plans to increase recovery and success rates. The combination of treatments for both addiction and mental health support people on the difficult road to recovery. The process is overwhelming, frustrating, frightening, and empowering all at the same time.

Outpatient Program Outlines

Those who only require Mental Health Care in Florida are treated on an outpatient basis. Assessments, psychiatric consultations, and medication management are offered. A variety of therapy sessions is provided as part of the program. Individual, family, and group therapy are conducted, depending on the needs, circumstances, and relationships experienced by the patient.

All services for Mental Health Care in Florida are available to those in addiction treatment programs. Individual treatment plans for addiction on an outpatient basis are based on assessments, work history, family relationships, gender, substances used, and physical and mental health. Meetings are conducted at flexible times in the morning, afternoon, and evening to accommodate work or school schedules

Live-in Opportunities

Recovery residences provide peer group recovery support in a drug and alcohol-free environment. There are six different home locations operated by an organization called Nextep. The Residence is affordable. There is a one-time administration fee and then a weekly amount for room and board.

Expectations include participation in meetings, completion of chores around the house, and either work hours or classes. Those on a fixed income are expected to volunteer within the community. Those interested can Visit the website for complete details regarding costs, locations, and requirements.

New Types of Therapies

Being active and outdoors have a positive effect on recovery and overall mental health. Taking full advantage of the Florida weather, new therapies are offered to participants of the programs. Boating, kayaking, and rope course therapies are available. Art therapy is also an option.

Equine therapy is proven to aid in recovery. Horses are gentle animals and respond well to touch and brushing. Riding and taking care of a horse provides enjoyment, responsibility, and empowerment. People become comfortable in the stables and build confidence as skills improve over time. Click here for more information.

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