Aerospace Plating: A Growing Market

The aerospace and defense industries are a growing market. When handled correctly, they can be very lucrative to investors and commercial enterprises alike. In the finishing industry, aerospace plating is an area of highly skilled competition. Those who enter into this area of expertise need to be certain they understand its highly demanding requirements and stringent specifications.

Why Electroplating?

Electroplating in the aerospace industry is one reliable means through which finishing companies can strengthen the metallic and even non-metallic components that go into various aircraft and related accessories. The coating/covering metal acts upon the substrate to provide it with qualities that improve its aesthetic, electric and mechanic properties. When the right combination of substrate and electroplated surface metal work together, the result is a part with improved:

* Wear resistance

* Corrosion prevention

* Temperature resistance

* Abrasion protection

* Contact resistance

* Conductibility

* Shielding

* Appearance or aesthetics

Electroplating or electrodeposition is capable of providing a substrate surface with these qualities providing the finisher makes the right choice for the base and coating metals. In the aerospace industry, high-performance equipment is essential. As a result, for finishing companies that handle components for clients in aerospace industry, plating is in high demand.

Aerospace plating services components use a variety of metals to achieve the desired results. Some of the coating metals involved in the plating process are cadmium, cobalt chromium carbide and nickel or zinc-nickel. Anodizing coatings are also another way of protecting various aircraft engines while increasing their longevity.

Aerospace Plating

The aerospace industry is a demanding one. Where high-performance equipment is the norm, the components that go into them must be able to handle the various elements and forces forming the application’s environment. It is essential for the various parts to operate at maximum efficiency. Through aerospace plating, finishing companies can supply the industry with equipment that can withstand the vicissitudes of operating in an environment where they must withstand friction, corrosive elements, and high temperatures.

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