After a Major Storm, Is It Necessary to Contact a Roofer in Des Moines for an Inspection?

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Roofing

Major storms can easily damage roofs. Even if there are no obvious signs of damage, like a tree branch, on the roof, the homeowner may still want to have someone check on the roof to ensure it made it through the storm without damages. A Roofer in Des Moines will be able to answer any questions the homeowner has and inspect the roof thoroughly for any signs of damage. Below are a few times when a person will want to call for an inspection instead of assuming the roof is fine.

When They Can See Damage on the Roof

In some cases, the homeowner may be able to notice damaged shingles on the roof. Even if it looks like a few are gone, and it won’t make a difference in the structure of the roof, it’s a good idea to have the roof inspected. Chances are if the damage can be noticed from the ground, there is going to be further damage the homeowner cannot see.

When They Can See Shingles on the Ground

Shingles can break because of severe weather, and the homeowner might notice granules from the shingles on the ground. They may also notice larger pieces of the shingles on the ground. It’s important to have an inspection done as soon as possible to replace the missing shingles and ensure there is no further damage to the roof.

When Neighbors Have Roof Damage

Many times, the homeowner won’t notice the damage right away. They may not be able to see missing shingles or notice anything is wrong until the home starts leaking. If many of the neighbors are having their roofs repaired following a serious storm, there may be damage the homeowner doesn’t see on their own roof. An inspection can find any damages that resulted from the storm, even if the homeowner can’t see them from the ground.

Anytime a person sees a sign of damage or is worried that their roof may be damaged, they can contact a Roofer in Des Moines for an inspection. It’s better to have an inspection done as soon as possible and find out everything is fine than to delay and find out the roof is now leaking because of damage that couldn’t be seen from the ground. Click here for more info or to have an inspection done on your roof.

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