Allergy and Pet-Safe Options to Discuss With a Carpet Dealer in Skokie, Illinois

Carpets remain the best flooring option for people that want warmth and comfort in their home. Carpet helps to eliminate cold floors as it blocks the drafts seeping through floorboards. It is skid-free, so it reduces the risk of falls in homes with new walkers and the elderly and provides a cushion if a fall does occur. Homeowners with pets or with allergies that avoid carpet due to the fear that the product would not be acceptable in their home do not need to worry. Carpeting is versatile, durable and safe enough for any home or owner.

Safer From Pets

Nylon, a durable and stain resistant material, is a good option for homeowners worried about pet stains. Loop-free nylon will not catch on claws, so snags and tears are less likely. Additional options include polyester and olefin as they also are stain resistant and easy to clean, but they are not as durable. Floors that receive heavy use may need the durability of nylon. Wool is also a good option for combating pet stains, but wool fibers do not withstand the abuse of claws as easily as nylon.

Protect the Padding

Damage to the padding is another concern for homes where spills and stains happen frequently. It is possible to clean the surface of the carpet, but bacteria and mold growth could occur underneath. Look for soak-proof backings or water-resistant pads when shopping from a carpet dealer in Skokie Illinois to prevent this problem.

Stop the Sneezing

Allergy and asthma sufferers often avoid carpet or remove existing rugs to reduce their discomfort. Some studies have shown that carpets may help to reduce pollen and other allergens in the air by holding the material in the fibers until vacuumed away. To increase the benefit, shop for brands that emit the lowest levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and ask the carpet dealer in Skokie, Illinois for hypoallergenic brands. Nylon carpeting is, again, a great option because it is mildew, soil, and stain-resistant.

Every homeowner has many options to choose from because every carpet brand and the material is available in a rainbow of colors. Good quality carpeting is warranty-protected, so the homeowner can feel confident about the product they choose. Visit American Carpet Distributors to see all of the options available.

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