Allow the Dentists in Providence RI to Treat Your Cavity

Outside of regular dental care appointments, dentists most often see patients because they are dealing with the signs of cavities. Cavities can cause a person to experience pain, irritation and darkening or pitting of the teeth. When a person notices the signs of cavities, it often means the cavity has progressed well beyond the protective barrier of the tooth. The sooner a person sees the dentists in Providence RI, the less likely they will lose their tooth due to necrosis.

Cavity prevention is crucial for a person who wants a healthy smile. Prevention begins with a person carefully brushing and flossing their teeth daily. These actions allow plaque and tartar to be removed so they do not cause damage to the teeth. This is crucial for good oral health. It is also important people see their dentist every six months for preventative care appointments. Through these appointments, deep cleaning treatments can be carried out so a person’s teeth are not in danger of being damaged by decay.

If a person does begin to notice the signs of cavities, they need to see the Dentists in Providence RI right away. The dentist will first examine the tooth to see how damaged it has become by the decay. Through a full examination and X-rays, the dentist can determine what treatment needs to be done so the tooth can be saved.

Treatment for cavities involves the dentist first removing the damaged areas of the tooth. The dentist will attempt to remove as much of the decayed areas as possible so the tooth is no longer being damaged. Once this has been taken care of, the dentist will work to fill the tooth so a person can find true relief from their pain and increased sensitivity.

Those who find themselves experiencing the signs of a cavity need prompt dental treatment or the decay will progress and eventually kill the tooth. For more information on the treatment for cavities and other oral health concerns, visit Through their many dental services, people can keep healthy smiles for life. Call them today and schedule your consultation appointment to get started.

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