An Experienced Traffic Lawyer in Orange VA is Essential for DUI Cases

Most people are really good drivers and when they get a ticket, it’s often for something they normally wouldn’t have done. For example, someone who is running late to a meeting or even to work because of an unforeseen emergency at home might get a speeding ticket. In many cases, the driver simply accepts the consequences, pays the ticket and tries to avoid doing it again because of the impact it had on their budget that week. Other traffic cases are a little more serious. DUI and accident cases often require the driver to face a judge. In some cases, they are even arrested at the scene.Every time a driver is arrested, they need to consult with a lawyer who has experience in that area of law. A cousin or friend from high school who practices mostly divorce law or does estate planning probably won’t be the right person to help. It’s essential to have a traffic lawyer in Orange VA that has handled these kinds of cases before and knows how to help their client get a better outcome.

There are many facets of these kinds of criminal cases that only a skilled Traffic Lawyer in Orange VA may be able to resolve. If the driver was accused of being intoxicated when they were pulled over, the Commonwealth must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. An attorney may use one or more strategies to raise doubt in the eyes of the judge or jury. They may also work with the court to create a plea arrangement that benefits the Commonwealth as well as the driver.

A driver who was charged with DUI or some other traffic related crime should call to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. A lawyer may be able to gather his or her own evidence from the scene if it hasn’t changed since the arrest. Witnesses are also more likely to remember the incident if they are questioned right away. The sooner a driver gets in contact with a lawyer, the more effectively that lawyer could be able to represent them in court.

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