An Introduction to Seafood: Fish

You have heard all the talk about eating more fish for a healthier diet.  Seafood Restaurants Cincinnati foodies love provide an assortment of seafood including shellfish and fish. There are too many species of fish to cover here. However it can be broken down into a few smaller groups most commonly served in seafood restaurants in Cincinnati. Here is an overview of the two main types of fish, white and oily:

1. White Fish: These fish are recognizable by their lovely white meat. Popular white fish include halibut, sole and perhaps the most common is cod. White fish tend to be lovely and flakey. They are a tender fish that are quite simplistic in flavor and often served with a variety of sauces. Because they are not as fatty as oily fish they are often poached and white fish is also commonly used to make classic fish and chips. They can be grilled or pan-fried and even baked, but must be cooked carefully to avoid becoming too dry. They are also often added to classic fish stews such as cioppino.

2. Oily Fish: There are oilier, darker fish such as pickerel and sea bass. These fish are also flakey but are higher in fat and tend to be greasier. There are earthier fish such as salmon and trout that are pink in color, flakey and very popular due to their distinct flavor. Salmon is a popular choice in restaurants and can be grilled and served with a glaze. Sea bass is perhaps one of the richest fish you will try and it is a very elegant fish that is served in many seafood restaurants due to its distinct, velvety texture and delicious flavour. Tuna has become the supreme fish made popular in Japanese cuisine. Many people are surprised at the preparation of tuna in seafood restaurants in Cincinnati as it is barely seared on the outside and quite raw in the centre. Although this might seem the fish is not cooked properly, a fresh piece of ahi tuna cooked any other way would be considered unacceptable by top chefs around the world. This premium fish is oily, dark and rich and is intended to be eaten served in this fashion to bring out its rich delicious flavour.

As you can see there are many types of fish as well as many preparations. The key to enjoying seafood is eating it served fresh and prepared with the best possible techniques in order to get a full appreciation for the subtle, wonderful flavors.

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