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A homeowner may opt to replace their home’s windows to increase energy efficiency due to poor-fitting frames or perhaps to provide an updated or refreshed appearance. Unlike other features of a home such as flooring or wall color, windows are viewed from both the outside and the inside. Andersen Window in Santa Clarita CA is one company that offers numerous choices of styles, materials, colors, grilles, wood types, and hardware styles. Plus, they offer one of the best warranties in the industry.

For over 100 years, Anderson windows have been, and remain, the most popular choice among homeowners, due to their commitment to quality, product warranty, and dedication to creating energy-efficient products. Available lines include the A-series (architectural specific), E-series (UV light reduction), 100-series (Fibrex composite), 200-series (value), 400-series (most popular), and the Weiland (customizable). Window styles include awning, single or double-hung, casement, picture, bow and bay, gliding, and specialty shapes.

It isn’t always obvious what style to choose for a home but fortunately, Andersen Window in Santa Clarita CA, has done their research into many architectural styles and how windows play their part in a home’s overall theme. Following are a few popular styles and what works best for them:

  *    Cape Cod -; Developed by Early American settlers to protect against the harsh winters of the Northeast, Cape Cods featured steep, gabled roofs for sloughing off snow and a centrally located fireplace. There are typically two windows located on each side of the front door and second-floor dormers. Double-hung windows with panes suit this style of home, often accompanied by shutters.

  *    Federal -; Developed and named after the Federal period (between 1780 and 1815), this style evolved at a time when Americans wanted a change from British influence. In this style home, double-hung windows are the most appropriate option, as are 12-over-12 grilled panes.

  *    Modern -; Constructed primarily of glass, reinforced concrete, and steel, this style exploded after WWII. Modern homes built today also use corrugated metal and exposed wood, blending seamlessly into the urban environment. They incorporate flat roofs and multiple windows arranged in irregular or rectangular groupings.

These are just a sampling of the more than one dozen predominant architectural home styles dotting the landscape. Homeowners should visit the website of various manufacturers to explore the available window options to determine what best fits their homes architectural makeup.

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