Any Type of Brass Fittings You Need Are Available

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Fittings made of Brass can be difficult to find. However, they can be found at Ameriflex Hose and Accessories. This company carries 32 different Brass Fittings, and they have access to any fitting made of brass that you need. They carry fittings for nearly every application you would have.

This company specializes in truck parts and accessories which means they can get you back on the road quickly. They have a team of professional technicians ready to help when you need them. Emergency service is provided 24 hours. Hoses and fittings can be made while you wait. Our technicians can build a hose to the specifications of your truck with custom fittings.

Food grade hoses to oil transport hoses can be provided to your exact specifications. The size and delicate use of the part doesn’t matter. Access to the industrial hose line of products is another specialty. These products can be made with the experience and materials available in the shop.

If you have been told by a company that parts you need are not available, then call us. They are probably in our inventory of more than 40 brass fittings. If the part is not in our inventory, then we will know where to find it or our technicians can make it for you.

Some of the unique fittings carried in our inventory are:

  • British parallel pipe fittings
  • British standard taper fittings
  • Imperial high duty fittings
  • Inverted flare brake
  • Inverted flare fittings
  • Precision grip transmission fittings

Our inventory is available 24 hours a day for emergency service. Brass has very good resistance to corrosion and it is one of the more inexpensive materials. Brass is easy to thread and it forms a very tight seal. Brass is ideal for trucks hauling oil and natural gas. Trucks that haul wastewater and mineral acids will find the brass fittings to be the best. The Brass holds up well under pressure as long as corrosion is not a factor.

Ameriflex Hose and Accessories has experts in Brass Fittings and using them for the best applications. Their technical staff are experts in fittings made of brass.

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