Applying For Veterans Disability Benefits

To be eligible for veterans disability benefits you first have to be designated as disabled by the DVA, Department of Veterans Affairs. To qualify, you must be at least 10 percent disabled and the injury or disease that caused the disabling condition must be service related and you must have been honorably discharged.


It is not difficult to apply; you can visit any regional office of the VA or even apply on-line. The application must be supported with evidence that you are actually disabled and that the disability is directly related to your service in the military. It will be necessary for you to submit yourself to a complete physical examination to determine the extent of your disability. Many veterans opt to engage the professional services of lawyers for veterans disability claims at this time.

Is there a time limit on applying?

A claim for disability can be made at any time as long as you meet the basic criteria. Many conditions will not be immediately evident and may not show up until much later or become more complicated over time.

From a purely practical point of view the sooner you apply for benefits the better; there are a couple of good reasons for this:

It is often harder to find the documents needed to substantiate your claim after a considerable time has elapsed

You are entitled to benefits, even if you are only 10 percent disabled, the minimum for consideration, the amount adds up over time

Do I need an attorney?

As there is a considerable amount of information required and the laws that are applicable are often difficult to fully understand, it is a good idea to hire lawyers for veterans disability claims. If your application is not complete in every way it will be rejected. It is extremely important that you get everything right the first time; the appeals process is long and difficult.

As a disabled veteran you know how important disability benefits are. If you are looking for experienced and highly qualified lawyers for veterans disability claims you are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices.

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