Avoid Electrical Hazards With Expert Electric Repair in Indianapolis

The electrical system in a home can be extremely complex. It begins with the primary line provided by the utility company, and this line feeds into a breaker box. The primary breaker box is used to feed power to the home, but it should also carry the high voltage line used for the condenser of an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. The next step is the internal breaker box, and this is where things become complicated. Each breaker is used to carry electricity to specific areas, and each of them has a specific amperage. Frequently overloading this amperage level can cause them to fail and require electric repair in Indianapolis.

A common cause for breaker overload is excessive amounts of equipment on a low amperage breaker. One reason that this issue is so common is that some breakers are shared between rooms. That is, a single breaker can be used to control lights and outlets in adjoining bedrooms, or a single line can run along an exterior wall to power multiple sockets. An electrician can test for these issues and determine the best place to install any additional circuits. Another thing that the electrician needs to check for is resistance. As electrical lines age, the metal they are made from builds up resistance to the flow of electricity. Excessive resistance causes the wires to heat up, and too much could result in a fire.

One reason that property owners require electric repair in Indianapolis is faulty lighting. Poorly designed light fixtures can degrade, and the switches that control them can fail. Attempting to replace these items could be a dangerous task because an improper connection may result in a short circuit. Most short circuits will trip the breaker, but some can ruin the replacement equipment or cause a fire. Surprisingly, a number of electrical issues are difficult to determine with a cursory examination. This is why most electricians recommend thoroughly checking the system before beginning any repairs. Electrical testing can determine which components have failed and if any of them have developed potential problems. Testing is an important tool for locating problems, but it is also the best way to protect the building and its occupants. Learn more about electrical testing and repair from the professionals at Burtner Electric Inc.

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