Basement Leak Repair In Fairfax VA Should Be Performed As Soon As It Is Seen

Contrary to the belief of many homeowners, there should not be cracks in the foundation of a home. A small crack that is not repaired can turn into a very expensive problem and instability of a home. When an owner sees a crack, basement leak repair in Fairfax VA should be performed as quickly as possible.

A crack in a foundation means the foundation is suffering from excessive water pressure. Water pressure against a foundation could be from clogged French drains, poor soil conditions, and many other situations. The lack of rain can cause the soil to pull away from the walls and leave a gap causing water pressure on the walls.

Signs Of Foundation Problems

When cracks in the foundation walls or floors appear, there is a problem with the foundation. When the walls buckle or bow, the foundation needs to be repaired. On the upper floors of the home, the floors will be uneven and the doors or windows will not properly operate.

Causes Of Foundation Problems

In addition to malfunctioning drains around the footer of a home, tree roots have the ability to crack the wall of a foundation as they seek out water. Malfunctioning gutters and poor grading around a home will cause excessive water pressure on a foundation.


Painting waterproof paint on the wall will not seal the cracks and leaks in a foundation. The cracks must be fixed by an experienced basement waterproofing company.

Foundation Services

An experienced basement waterproofing company can perform Basement Leak Repair in Fairfax VA, waterproofing, and industrial foundation repair. Removing the water pressure on the foundation walls do not require a complete excavation of the foundation. Internal drains can be installed inside of the basement to remove the excess moisture from the basement and pressure from the walls.


In addition to a loss of structural integrity, a leaking basement can cause a serious mold problem in a home. By removing the moisture from the basement, the entire home will be drier and mold will be eliminated.

If you are interested in fixing your damp basement, please feel free to contact us.

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