Basement Wall Cracks – A Diy Project?

So, you noticed a wall crack in your basement. Should you try and fix it yourself? After all, you fixed the bathroom plumbing, and you built a new shelf for your child’s room last week. You’re a pro, right? Not so fast! Basement wall crack repair in Massachusetts (or any other city for that matter) may not be a suitable DIY project. When you think about how important your foundation is to the structural integrity of your entire home, you can start to understand that perhaps it’s best to leave the repair to a professional.

It’s true that there are waterproofing and sealing products on the market that can help fix the crack in your basement walls; however, these only last for a short time (a few years at most) and you may still have water seeping into your basement, particularly after a heavy rainfall or thaw.

At the first sign of a problem, no matter how small you think the crack may be, you should call a professional to have a look and give an estimate to fix the problem. These are qualified contractors who understand the importance of making sure the job is done right the first time. They have industrial grade waterproofers and sealers that will last longer than a product purchased from your local home improvement store. Watching a few YouTube videos does not qualify you as an expert!

If left untreated, cracks can widen and lengthen, furthering the damage done to the foundation. Make a point to inspect your basement walls on a regular basis to check for problem areas. Spring and fall are good times, while you’re working on other maintenance items like cleaning out your gutters.

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