Bathroom design ideas for your remodel

Its exciting to remodel the bathrooms in your home so that they are more stylish and modern. There are so many bathroom designs to select from that it is easy to become overwhelmed. By understanding how to select bathroom designs, you can have a better chance of ending up with a bathroom that meets your preferences. Be sure to confer with the other adults who will live there to ensure that everyone is in agreement about the new design you have selected.

Bohemian & Modern

A newly emerging style that is becoming quite popular is the Bohemian theme. This theme can be paired with modern elements to give a bathroom a truly unique appearance. When it is time to remodel, it helps to compare bathroom designs to find the most appealing one. The Bohemian modern theme can include geometric prints, colorful accents, and angular fixtures that make the bathroom look very distinctive. Often cultural prints are added in such as prints and patterns from Indonesia or India.

Classic and Timeless

Classic and timeless bathroom designs are suitable for traditionally decorated homes. They offer a look of elegance and instant sophistication. To achieve this look, consider sticking with only one to two color schemes as well as using white fixtures for a clean and finished look. This type of design is complemented by large white porcelain tubs or custom built sunken tubs. The addition of marble slabs can send this look from basic to luxurious. Depending on your budget, you can flesh this out to be one of the most sophisticated of all bathroom designs.

Exotic & Colorful

An exotic and colorful bathroom is one that is sure to spark conversation with your visitors. Try to keep the palette down to only two to three colors to minimize the busyness that this effect creates. This look can be one of the truly beautiful and standout bathroom designs with the addition of palm trees, plants, orchids and other flora.

After choosing your favorite from amongst the available bathroom designs, you can move ahead with planning the remodel. Contact your local construction company to get started with the creation of your brand new bathroom. Why wait? Enjoy the bathroom of your dreams today!

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