Beat The Sweltering Heat With Superior Residential Air Conditioning Units

by | Dec 9, 2015 | HVAC Contractor

Colorado has some wonderful weather, most of the time. Unfortunately, there are days when the temperatures are just high enough to be unbearable. The best way to avoid discomfort is to sit at home and enjoy some quality AC. The typical types of Residential Air Conditioning Units include the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, split or ductless air conditioners or portable units. The final choice is often a last ditch effort to beat the heat, and most people aren’t really satisfied with the results. The alternative to the portable models are the window based units, but these appliances aren’t much better and typically treat smaller areas.

Most people that purchase an HVAC want to protect their investment. The best way to begin is to set up a maintenance schedule. The schedule is based on the manufacturer’s suggestions. The furnace side of the HVAC should be cleaned and serviced in the late fall or early winter before it is first used. This way, the system will be clean which reduces the chance of unexpected fires. The air conditioner, on the other hand, should have scheduled maintenance sometime in the spring, before it is put into heavy use.

Maintenance on an AC involves several tasks, but one of the most important is testing the refrigerant. This gas serves several functions. First, it carries the lubricant that keeps the condenser system operating comfortably. Second, the refrigerant collects heat from inside the building and carries it to another coil to be released. It is important that Residential Air Conditioning Units have the correct amount of the right chemical, or they may not operate at peak efficiency.

For some people, household comfort isn’t about how cold the building can get, but how much control they have over the system. That is fine as far as it goes, provided they purchase the right equipment. In this case, the equipment is a split or ductless air conditioner. This system eschews the air-duct delivery method, although, it still uses an external condensing unit. The beauty of the ductless system is the small delivery units that treat specific areas or zones. This allows the homeowner to set different temperatures for sleeping areas or turn them down at night. Contact Poudre Valley Air for more information.

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