Beautiful Stationary in Orange County Can Make a Good First Impression

You have spent hours crafting the perfect letter to mail to a prospective client. You have found the most effective words to use, the grammar is impeccable, and the format is exactly as it should be. Unfortunately, all that work can go to waste if you sent it on flimsy paper that can tear easily. With the right stationary in Orange County, however, you can make the ideal first impression or keep a current client confident in your business.

A recommended type of paper to use is made out of cotton. The 100% cotton paper often feels crisp and smooth to touch and can be strong enough to be used for engraving, embossing or letterpress. Additionally, this paper will also often be watermarked. 100% cotton paper can come in various colors including bright white, natural white and ivory.

Other papers are made out of 25% cotton and can be made out of linen, parchment or granite. This paper can be used for many of your business needs such as legal documents, reports, thank you letters, and more. This paper also can come in various colors including white, ivory, gray and even blue.

Once you have chosen the right paper for your business needs, you will need the right envelope to go with it. Your beautiful, thick, glossy paper with your company’s letterhead printed boldly and proudly on top deserves more than a regular envelope. Fortunately, stationary in Orange County can include various types of envelopes such as the 25% cotton envelope. This envelope is usually made out of thick, woven paper and can go perfectly with your 100% or 25% cotton paper. Like the paper, this paper can be strong enough for engraving and embossing. Envelopes can come in ivory or different shades of white making it possible to match the paper’s color exactly to the envelope’s color.

As a business owner, one of your goals is to make a good impression with everyone who you do business with. Beautiful stationary in Orange County can help you achieve that goal.

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