Beautify the Lawn With Expert Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut

by | May 4, 2016 | Landscaping

Plants are one of the best ways to beautify any lawn, but there are times when too many plants can be a problem. One example is too many trees or trees that serve little purpose. Trees are great for providing shade, but they also tend to soak up water that other plants require. This may be noticeable when the grass does not grow around the base of the tree. Careful planning and proper Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut can help by restricting the number and type of available trees. The result could be healthier trees and plants and a much more beautiful lawn.

Removing a tree can be a difficult task, especially if the tree is tall and there are other buildings in the area. It isn’t possible to simply chop the plant down because it could fall in the wrong place and damage buildings, or worse, the property of neighbors. Experts such as Northeast Horticultural Services may need to top the tree first so that it can be more easily controlled. This is the process of removing the upper area of the tree before attempting to cut the remainder down.

Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut often requires guiding the way the tree falls. This can be handled in several ways, but it often requires the use of cables so the trunk can be pulled in specific directions. This is one reason that eliminating a tree should be done by the professionals, and another is the stump that gets left behind. Eliminating a stump usually requires grinding it down below ground level, and this demands both skill and the right equipment.

Losing a tree to health problems or old age doesn’t mean that the lawn must have bare spots. An expert arborist can provide a number of alternatives depending on what the property owner desires. Fast-growing shade trees may be a great idea, but long-term solutions such as cedars can provide a unique appearance. Spend a little time making this decision and the results could be astonishing. Plus, proper planning will reduce the need for removing the tree at some future date. Visit the website here and discover more information about tree removal and other useful services.

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