Benefits of Cremation for Funeral Services in Deltona FL

When people think about how they wish to leave this world, two things come to mind: traditional burial and cremation. Over the last few decades, cremation has gained popularity for several reasons. For Funeral Services in Deltona FL, Fourtowns Cremation Inc. is knowledgeable about the benefits of cremation versus a burial. Here are some reasons that this funeral alternative could be a great choice for you or a loved one


One of the most popular reasons for cremation is the flexibility involved. Normally, with cremation services, a memorial is held. The service can be held anywhere in the world, as an urn is easy to transport. So, you or the family can decide if the urn will be placed in a special place at home or scattered in a place enjoyed by the loved one. Another benefit is that if the family wishes to wait a little longer to hold the memorial, there is no rush. Many times, after a long illness, loved ones may need time to rest and absorb what has taken place. This also allows more time to make the memorial service more personalized. Those that go with traditional burials are normally holding a funeral within a few days and simply through the motions in an exhausted state.


When the time comes to honor and remember a loved one, no family wants to cut corners. Luckily, cremation costs are much less than traditional burials. This is because there is no need for a casket, cemetery plot, headstone or embalming services.


Cremation is what some would refer to as a green funeral alternative. As burials take up space in the earth and can release chemicals from the embalming process into the soil and groundwater. This is a more environmentally conscious choice.

For those considering cremation for a Funeral Service in Deltona FL, talk to the experts at Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. They will handle everything from transportation to handling all the arrangements. This will take away a lot of the added stress of losing a loved one. Know that they provide in-house cremation services. So, everything is handled in one place.

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