Benefits Of Getting Auto Insurance Quotes In Philly

Many people have had the same auto insurance carrier for many years. For some people, this is a good idea because they have seen their auto insurance rates decrease over the years. However, some people have continued to stay with the same insurance carrier even though their rates have increased. If you’ve been with the same insurance company for several years, and have recently noticed that your insurance rates have gone up, it may be a good idea to get some auto insurance quotes in Philly from a different insurance carrier. However, when you do get a quote, there are a few tips that you can use to make sure you get the lowest quote possible.

One way to ensure that you get a low auto insurance quote is to ask the carrier about grouping your different insurance policies together. For example, if you have homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance, combining these at one carrier can greatly decrease the amount that you’re currently paying. In fact, combing these two policies typically saves customers about fifteen percent. If you currently have more than one vehicle, it’s also a good idea to group those polices together. Doing this will give you a multi-car discount and could save you an additional ten percent.

Many drivers have also been able to reduce the cost of their auto insurance by increasing the amount of their deductibles. For example, if you currently have a two hundred dollar deductible and you request a five hundred dollar deductible, your rates are likely to decrease. Plus, if you no longer have a payment on the vehicle that you’re driving, you should consider reducing the amount of insurance coverage that you have. For example, if you currently have full coverage auto insurance and reduce it to liability, the amount that you pay for insurance will be be cut in half.

If you think it may be a good idea to get some auto insurance quotes in Philly, you should contact The Imperial Insurance Agency today. They will be able to tell you about ways that you could lower your current insurance policy and provide you with a quick quote.

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