Benefits Of Hiring A DWI Attorney In Bel Air MD

If a person goes out for a few drinks and drives after, it can lead to very serious consequences. If they are pulled over, and have a blood alcohol of .08 or higher, they can be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. This type of arrest can lead to a suspended license, very extensive fines, and mandatory alcohol abuse classes. If a person is arrested for drunk driving, they should consider hiring a DWI Attorney in Bel Air MD. There are a few benefits in doing so.

Assessment of the Case

If a person was arrested for drunk driving, there are a few ways that a lawyer may be able to get the case dropped. For example, if the arrest was not done by the book, or if it can be proven that the driver was pulled over for no reason, the lawyer may be able to use that information to fight the case. An attorney can give an individual an idea of what their chances are in court. If the chances are not good that the individual would be found not guilty, the attorney would be able to let them know so that they don’t waste their time or energy.

Plea Bargain

If an individual is guilty, a DWI Attorney in Bel Air MD may be able to speak to the prosecutor to get the sentence reduced. This is something that the driver would not be able to do without an attorney.

Building and Presenting a Case

If an individual does not want to plead guilty, they would need an attorney to build a case, and present it to the judge and jury. The attorney would need to use all of the information surrounding the arrest, including the police report, the driver’s statement, and any witness statements. They would then use this information and present it in court. In court, the attorney would question the driver and any witnesses who can help prove their innocence.

If an individual is arrested for driving under the influence, and they believe that they should not have been, they should contact Maria Caruso. She will fight for her client’s rights, and hopefully either get the charges dropped or the sentence reduced.

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