Benefits of Using Trendy and Stylish Menu Covers at Your Restaurant

by | Nov 20, 2015 | menu

Selecting and ordering plastic menu covers is one of the most important details of any restaurant. These covers can be for the food, dessert, wine or any other. However, there are quite a few parts that need to be considered when selecting menu covers. Some of the factors to consider when selecting these menus are listed below.


Perhaps the most obvious question that you need to ponder when selecting a menu cover is what your budget is. This is a crucial issue that has to be addressed since menu cover prices can vary greatly based on the material used. The cost of these can range anywhere between $5 – $60 each.


Once the cost is determined, the next question that you have to determine is the material that you want to use. The material that you intend to use on the menu will typically depend on a number of factors. First, you need to consider the type of ambiance you want the restaurant to have. If the restaurant is more sophisticated and classy, then genuine leather will be the obvious choice. Also, what are your guest’s expecting? If your main customers are families that have kids who want a casual dining environment, then a low-cost plastic menu will be sufficient.

Trendy Covers and Other Alternatives

The use of some type of alternative material for the menu cover is becoming more and more popular. One option is to choose metal. A metal menu cover is considered extremely trendy and has quite a bit to offer in regard to designs. For example, a person can have a logo and the name of the location on the cover of the menu. This is an excellent way to customize the cover. Besides this, another option is to use copper, which offers a bit of a glaze. This will create a more unique guest experience.

Keep in mind, features such as the ease of maintenance and practicality also have to be kept in mind. Choose something that will protect the paper sheets and ensure that the menu is able to be used time and time again is usually important. This will minimize the cost to the restaurant while making a good impression on the visiting guests.

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